Declutter Your Life

4-week Online Course

Get Clear by Decluttering Your Life

Clutter slowly builds up over time and before long the piles seem like no big deal. But excessive objects actually get in the way of our ability to think clearly and to be healthy, productive, and stress free. This course guides you to de-clutter your physical space and live more thoughtfully. Your relationship with yourself and others will improve after you've chosen to declutter!

Ready to Be Clutter-Free?

Life is busy. Between working long hours, raising a family and other obligations, it’s no wonder we feel stressed. Our minds are constantly filled with necessary and unnecessary information that has no end, or so it seems.

The good news is, you can relieve yourself of all that unnecessary clutter that’s clogging your life and mind. You can become more focused which automatically reduces stress in your life.

If you’re feeling unfocused and stressed, this course can help you!

For 4 weeks you will be guided to slowly make changes in your life to gain more focus and less stress.

–> A checklist each week will help you remember what you’re supposed to be working on.

–> A worksheet each week will help you plan how you’ll implement what you learned in that weeks’ lesson.

–> Additional tips and strategies delivered over the upcoming weeks will help you continue living a more clutter-free lifestyle.

Decluttering Your Life will bring you:

  • A clearer mind
  • Less stress
  • Improved health
  • A sense of control
  • A profound feeling of accomplishment

Declutter Your Life $44
4-week online course with lifetime access

The Course Action Plan
Making a Daily Habit of Decluttering Your Life

Week 1: How Clutter Affects Our Lives

You’ll set an intention for transformation by:

  • Reviewing How Clutter Affects Our Lives 
  • Identify if You Have Too Much Clutter
  • Checklist and Worksheet 

Week 2: How to Stop Accumulating Clutter

You’ll learn how to stop accumulating clutter in your life and mind:

  • How to stop physical clutter
  • How to stop mental clutter
  • Checklist and Worksheet 

Week 3: Decluttering Your Home

When your home is decluttered, you feel healthier, have more energy, and be more productive:

  • Learn to change your mindset
  • Create a decluttering plan
  • Learn how to keep the clutter away
  • Checklist and Worksheet 

Week 4: Decluttering Your Mind

You’ll develop a daily habit of decluttering your life:

  • Be more mindful / keep a journal
  • Turn negative thoughts around
  • Take time for self-care
  • Checklist and Worksheet 

This course is for someone who has:

  • The will to part with some possessions
  • A desire to complete the process in full
  • An open mind to try new ideas

Declutter Your Life $44 
4-week online course with lifetime access

Meet the Course Leader

Heather Felty, Founder and CEO of Evolving Your Health,
will guide you through the course modules. 

It is her passion to share what she has learned on her
decades-long practice of LOVING LIFE and other mindset techniques.