Journaling For Your Life

Are you lost or feeling stuck?

Are you so busy taking care of everyone else that you end up losing yourself?

How can you be your best self when you are always first the healer or helper to everyone else?

Journaling is a free and personal form of "therapy" that can help you (re)connect to yourself.

This 4 week interactive course will allow you to find the journaling method(s) that works best for YOU so you can achieve and sustain a state of emotional balance, mental peace, and see how putting yourself first allows you to be an even better support at home, at work, and to friends.

Journaling For Your Life
4-Week Interactive Course

Journaling For Your Life delivers course content in short lessons so it doesn’t increase your feeling of overwhelm. You will learn a variety of journaling techniques so you can find the style that works best for you. 

You will have a weekly check-in with course instructor Heather Felty to discuss your progress and make a plan for your personal success. You will also have email/Voxer access to Heather 6 days a week for the ultimate accountability!

Journaling For Your Life will help you to: 

  • Establish a Positive Mindset
  • Create a Sense of Mindfulness
  • Form Realistic Goals that Prioritize You
  • Explore Your Creative Potential
  • Create Clarity with your Communication Skills

EVERY WEEK you will get:

  • A 45 Minute Call with Heather to Connect with Your Successful Self-Discovery
  • Short Instructional Videos to Keep You Motivated
  • Personalized Self-Discovery Exercises to Get You In Touch With Who You Are and Where You Want to Be
  • Monday-Saturday Email/Voxer Support from Heather

In today’s world, more and more people are realizing that journals can be used to improve the quality of their life. While the life optimization process can happen in various ways, one key role that journaling can play in enhancing the individual’s world is by unfolding into a process of self-discovery. 


What Is Self-discovery?

Although defined in numerous ways, self-discovery is tapping into one’s own character, nature, behaviors, or any other reality that comes to be associated with individual identity or personality.

Self-discovery is important for numerous reasons, it empowers you to make lifestyle choices and behavioral changes that will bring you to connection to your TRUE self. 

Self-discovery empowers you to lead an AUTHENTIC life rather than conforming to other people’s expectations. 

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation through Journaling


In addition to everything you will gain from the course, you will also receive these special extras to support your self-discovery journey.


A set of cards (delivered by mail!) to use on your transformational journey.



Daily prompts for writing in your Journal for every day of the year!


A guided meditation personally selected for you!

By taking this course you will:

  • Discover a clearer understanding of who you are
  • Learn to trust yourself for the answers to your life questions
  • Be a more productive and positive person
  • Prioritize yourself so you can be your best self

Journal For Your Life $397 
4-week Interactive Course

Meet the
Course Leader

Heather Felty, Founder of Evolving Your Health, will personally guide you through the course.

It is her passion to share what she has learned on her decades-long practice of self-discovery and positive mindset techniques.

Heather created this course to support people to take time to get to know themselves, to put their lives in perspective, to put themselves first and find balance in their life.

Not sure, or have questions? Schedule a connection call with Heather to get clear!