Love Your Life

8-week Interactive Course

Manifest a Life Filled with Love

The true secret to living the life of your dreams is to embrace love. You deserve to be happy and live a life filled with purpose and passion! When you discover the incredible power of love, you can use this knowledge to shower your loving light onto others in your life, which will in turn bring more love into your life.

Ready to Love the Life of your Dreams?

This 8-week course will take you on a journey of self-discovery that puts who you are and what you need in perspective. The online course will provide practical tips and realistic tools for you to use on your transformational journey to LOVE YOUR LIFE.

The modules will spell out how to use the powerful force of love to create the life of your dreams. You will receive thought-provoking, action-oriented guidance and techniques for fully exploring and ultimately completely loving your life.

By taking daily actions that allow you to get in touch with yourself, you’ll develop greater appreciation for all aspects of your life learn how to release attachments to past events and actions confidence to shine your loving light in all your relationships.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation through LOVE

Do you feel content in your life, but feel something is missing?
Do you fear that you have to settle for less than what you truly desire?
Do you compare yourself to others and wish you could be more like them?
Are you feeling overwhelmed, or like you’ve forgotten who you really are?
Are you tired of hearing you need to be a millionaire to be happy?
Do you care what people think of you and let it hold you back from taking action?
Would you love to feel whole, complete, confident, and truly joyous?
Would you love to shine your light and empower yourself to create your dreams?
Would you love to unlock your genuine magnetism to attract love, abundance, and success?

By taking this course you will be able to:

  • Rekindle an amazing relationship with yourself
  • Let go of others’ judgments and expectations
  • Improve or repair your confidence
  • Use the power of love to manifest your dream life

Love Your Life $794 
8-week interactive course with personal support

The Course Action Plan
Making a Daily Habit of Loving Life

Module 1: Morning Mindset Routine

You’ll set an intention for transformation by:

  • Setting up a morning routine to start every day in the right direction
  • Incorporating meditation and positive affirmations to calm the mind
  • Exploring personal responsibility
  • Practicing responding rather than reacting

Module 2: Journaling for Your Life

You’ll embrace the practice of journaling to explore limiting beliefs as well as your greatest life dreams by:

  • Learning to recognize and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Completing journal exercises that explore deep personal feelings
  • Developing an understanding of core beliefs

Module 3: Re-Framing Your Life’s Stories

You’ll re-consider one event from your past that has defined “who you are” by:

  • Exploring the importance of a life story
  • Identify what holds you back from enjoying life to its fullest
  • Re-writing your life story

Module 4: Vision Boarding

You’ll explore what you really want in your life by:

  • Exploring what you want to DO – BE – HAVE in your life
  • Recognizing what you want to achieve in the coming year
  • Creating a Vision Board that will attract your dreams

Module 5: Artistic Expression

You’ll listen to your creative voice by:

  • Understanding the six components to our whole self
  • Exploring artistic expression through recreating ancient artworks such as mandals
  • Getting in touch with your inner emotions through a practice of singing and dancing

Module 6: Law of Attraction / Manifestation

You’ll gain insight and tips into making manifestation work for you by:

  • Understanding the key laws of the universe that influence your actions
  • Practicing a manifesting mindset
  • Learning the importance of LOVE in manifestation

Module 7: Education for your Life

You’ll learn how education provides a fast track to success by:

  • Exploring important writings on the topic of love and life
  • Learning the science behind how positive thoughts biologically change the body
  • Creating a personal reading list for further development

Module 8: Self-Love

You’ll embrace the confidence and willpower needed to LOVE YOUR LIFE by:

  • Creating a roadmap to getting in touch with your best self
  • Practicing a guided meditation for deeper inner connection
  • Taking stock in all you have in life to LOVE!

Love Your Life $794 
8-week interactive course with personal support

Plus! 3 Special Bonuses

In addition to everything already in the course, we’re including
these special extras to support your practice of loving life…


A set of cards (delivered by mail!) to use on your transformational journey.


Learn how to meditate and discover the benefits of mindfulness meditation.


A guided meditation personally selected for you!

Meet the Course Leader

Heather Felty, Founder and CEO of Evolving Your Health,
will guide you through the course modules. 

It is her passion to share what she has learned on her
decades-long practice of LOVING LIFE and other mindset techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get all the course modules at once or one at a time?
In order to help you process and digest the course at a reasonable pace, a new module will be released every week for 8 weeks. A module is opened, you’ll have a few days to work through the materials, then we will meet for 45 minutes to discuss your progress and implement the work. 

How can I spend so much on myself?
For some people, they don’t have the additional money to spend on a course. For others, they may have the money but feel uncomfortable spending it on something that’s just for their own benefit. Needless to say, we think you’re worth it! Every financial investment you make in yourself marks a commitment to self-growth.

Is there a community for further connection?
Yes! You will also be invited to a closed Facebook Group with a supportive community of others embracing love in life.

How will I access everything?
The course is available right on the Evolving Your Health website. After signing up, you will receive an email with directions on how to access the course lessons, different exercises, journals, and bonus reading materials.

This course comes with lifetime access?! What does that mean? Will there be updates?
Lifetime access means that you will have access to the course for as long as it’s being offered. During this time, you will always be able to access the course modules and bonuses. This also means if we make any changes and updates to the course in the future, you will have access to them as well.

Can I speak with Heather before I purchase?
Yes, of course! Sign up for a 15 minute soul-to-soul call to make sure it is a good fit. Schedule here